Always Fresh Never Frozen

  1. Your event menuI will be customized to meet your dining needs, whether it be formal or casual, plated, family style, or buffet. The only restriction is availability. If it's available, then I can prepare it for your event.
    Custom Menu
  2. Plated meals take a little time to prepare because of the artistry in plating the meal in a mannor to be visually pleasing as well as tastefully pleasing. Plated meal may be formal or casual. I am currently equipped to handle formal plated meals for up to 12 people. Your menu may be completely customized to meet your dining needs.
    Plated Meals
  3. The buffet is designed to serve a large amount of people and the setup, like the plated meal, is designed to be visually pleasing. Most buffet setups are themed and the food often reflect that theme. Buffets are very popular with theme based gatherings and may be formal or casual. I am currently equipped to cater a buffet meal serving up to 100 people, which I plan to double in the near future.
  4. A "Family Style" meal is a self service meal with a setting different from that of a buffet. The meal is not plated but is served at the dining table where places are already set. The most recognized example would be a Thanksgiving set up. This is more of a formal family gathering than a party but the family style dining can be used for dining with small groups in lieu of a full buffet setup. The family style setup is more personal and does not require diners to leave the table setting to plate their food.
    Family Style