Yakitori [ya-key-tow-lee]
Two skewers of juicy chicken grilled to a golden brown, one simply seasoned with my own house seasoning and the other brushed with my own authentically made Yakitori sauce rite off the grill


Hausu Salada [how-sue saw-law-daw]
A bed of baby spinach, arugula, boston bibb and sweet romain lettuce, topped with cucumber, cherry tomotoes, goat cheese, fresh bacon bites and your choice of Sou Zou signature dressings
Sweet Thai Chili, Honey Ginger, and White Wine Strawberries


Yakiniku [ya-key-knee-koo]
Juicy, choice grade, beef rib-eye steak grilled and topped with my authentically made rich yakiniku sauce, then sliced, served on a bed of sauteed Haricot Verts, sliced mushrooms, jullienne cut onion and carrots


Ichigo Shotokeiki [ichy-go show-toe-kay-key]
Japanese style strawberry shortcake: split sponge cake with fresh ripe strawberries and a stabilized whip cream icing