Gift Set includes:
2 x 12 oz bottles of Sou Zou Dressings
1 x   4 oz bottle of Chef Roy's blend house seasoning
1 Chef Roy recipe for a holiday Turkey. This recipe is good with any poultry or water fowl.
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Sweet Thai Chili - "The Original Recipe" This dressing has a unique blend of flavors with just enough thai chili peppers to feature the flavor of the fruit without an extreme intensity of heat. It finishes with just enough kick on the back end of the after taste. Sorry to disapoint the fire breathers, but this dressings is for everyone. As a marinade, Sweet Thai Chili will enhance any food item. There is no limit. This product contains; fish and pure cane sugar; a veagan versioni is available upon special request.

Honey Ginger - The idea was born while conversing with "Dancing Bees Honey" owner and producer and observing Farmers Market shoppers passing by with fresh ginger. You will will receive a nice dose of ginger on the front end of this dressing and it finishes with a defined tasted of wild flower honey from "Dancing Bees Honey Farm" As a marinade, the flavor infusion will not be missed. You will get a well balanced flavor explosion. I recomend this flavor with chicken, pork, a bland white fish or a vegetable stir fry. This product contains raw honey.

Chef Roy's Blend House Seasoning - My own ratio blend of Kosher salt, Cafe ground black pepper, granulated onion and granulated garlic. This if a basic seasoning blend that will give you an added depth of flavor


White Wine Strawberry - I developed this flavor because strawberries are my favorite fruit. This dressing is crafted with Reisling wine and fresh local North Carolina strawberries. Blended with white balsamic, the sweetness is present but subtle so not to overpower the flavor of the fresh strawberries. The Reisling makes this dressing light and fresh flavored paring well with a strawberry fields type of salad with delicate characteristics like a boston lettuce including almonds or whatever nut you choose with some dried fruit such as dried cranberries in addition to fresh fruits. As a marinade this flavor profile pairs well with a bland but delicate white fish

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Honey Mustard - A well known flavor that is has a mayonnaise base which is not very healthy due to the amount of calories in a single 1 ounse serving. Speaking with classmates, one mentioned her love for honey mustard and the fact that she can't eat it because of the mayonnaise. I had an innovative moment and created a honey mustard vinaigrette which currently does not exist in stores. Process letters from the "Department of Agriculture" will enable me to start retail sales before spring. This dressing is the perfect blend of wild flower honey and mustard with a touch of sherry and white wine to balance the complexity of flavors. As a marinade you may enhance the flavor of chicken and pork or use as a dip like your favorite mayonnaise based honey mustard. This product contains raw honey.This product will be available before spring 2017

Sesame - Inspired by the Japanese sesme chicken salad. I wanted to take a delisious mayonnaise based dressing and create a healthier alternative that everyone could enjoy without sacrificing flavor. This dressing has a flavor profile that cross the cultural borders of Asian cuisine and the cuisine of India. As a marinade, you can let your imagination run through the middle and far east flavor profiles. This product contains sesame seed and sesame seed oil. This product will also be avialable before spring 2017